Sermon for 3/25/16 Good Friday Isaiah 52:13-53:12


I can barely see

My own sin hanging in front of me


A crown on his head

He’ll bleed til he’s dead

And no one will stop this tragic mess

So thousands of years later we can misuse the word “blessed”


They said he was crushed.

Friend that ain’t no game

With the amount that they fussed

You think someone would take the blame


But there he hung

Nails in his hands

Like some criminal thug

Shouts grew louder, like big game fans



My sin before me hangs

This ain’t the way it’s supposed to be

A mob gathers round, an angry gang


They pierce his side

They laugh and taunt

“King of the Jews” they chide

What more do they want?


They steal his clothes and auction them off

Sour wine on a sponge is the drink of choice

I’d be told this is how my sins were bought

I’d refuse to hear it. I wasn’t there! I had no voice


Like a lamb led to slaughter

His fate he knew well

Without this act our options would be hotter

Without this cross I’d be destined for hell


A crown of thorns? That’s not a king!

So he healed a few, cured a few, and hung out with sinners?

His reputation doesn’t deserve this ding

A king isn’t always surrounded by winners



I don’t want to see

My own sin hanging in front of me


He’s bruised and he’s beaten

Is this part of the plan?

Death he ain’t cheatin’

My sins paid by just one man?


The nails take their toll

His skin starts to break

Blood pours out from each hole

All this for our sake


Wounded for our transgressions

Where did justice go wrong?

Now who will hear my confession?

My sins are many, the list is long.


Like sheep wandering astray

We find a path and walk not led by him

Not believing in truth but in hearsay

He gasps again. It’s looking dim.


He ate with us, he cured our sick.

He told us parables and stories

Why did it never click?

We weren’t expecting to see perverted glory.



I refuse to see

My own sin hanging in front of me


How can this be God’s will, we cry

An innocent man

Sent to die

What kind of God has that kind of plan?


How much time has passed?

It seems like forever.

No one expected that he’d last

I guess never say never

Hanging there, the cross takes its strain

Sweat and blood mixed

He’s in so much pain

His destiny seems to be fixed


This is the way I need to see creation

Through this one Holy act

No matter if it causes me great frustration

Christ died for all, and that’s a fact


When I start to think I’m the authority

And when I start to condemn

Lord remind me of my inferiority

Remind me of my own sin


He prays and calls on God

The curtain tears

His head in a downward nod

He was crushed. Were our sins more than he could bear?


And just like that, the masses leave

Our savior still on the cross

Still emptying out what’s left to bleed

It occurs to no one to grieve this loss


A few remove him from the torture tool

They’ll put him in a cave

You’d have to label me a fool

If I’m to believe this is how I’m saved


A darkness falls over that place

Those who loved him have all up and gone

Grief doesn’t register on the face

Especially Judas, who was in the wrong


But the blame doesn’t rest with him alone

Look in the mirror and what do I see?

The sinner for who Christ did atone

The convictor of Christ, you see, was me


See I think I know the best way

So I chase false prophets and Gods

Sin tempts me and I stray

I attempt perfection and am beautifully flawed


He died for me and he died for you

We cannot avoid

This terrible truth



I’m finally starting to see

My own sin hanging in front of me


This scene is finally finished

He’s been buried, he’s gone, he’s dead

All hope is diminished

Many things are left unsaid


Who knew my sin had that power?

To crucify an innocent man

It causes me to cower

If I would have known, I could have ran.


This changes everything, don’t you see?

Maybe it’s too early to say

Maybe we should just let it be

Maybe it’s us who should pray.


Pray we don’t do this again

To Jesus or to any one

Including our fellow man

It doesn’t have to be a cross. It can be a gun


For us to commit tragedy

In the name of justice and rule

Is to forget his majesty

And make Jesus look a fool.


Before you go pointing fingers again

Remember this day, Christ on the cross

Who died for everyone’s sin

So that we may not know loss


We are all loved in God’s eyes

The transgressing sinners we continue to be

God sees through our lies

And still loves you and me


The cross is now bare

The task is complete

The smell of death in the air

Lingers with the sound of defeat



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